Tamiya Vintage Cars

A Collector’s Delight

Tamiya vintage cars are prized possessions. Ask any Vintage scale model car collector and you will understand why.

The realistic rc models of cars made by Tamiya in its initial days have lasted the test of time. Preserved beauty of Tamiya cars have for long captivated the imagination of one and all.

Vintage cars are like wine…the older the better

Tamiya Vintage Cars Delight

This is going to be a treat for you. The best of Tamiya vintage cars, all listed in one place. Have fun


This tamiya vintage off road racer is a 1/10 scale model that was released in 1989 with the kit numbered 58080. Power from the motor was transmitted to two wheels through the transmission shaft. RS-540 motor was used in Astute.

Audi Quattro Rally

Audi Quattro Rally is the model kit numbered 58036. This was released in 1983. 11.65” long and 9.8” wide Quattro weighed 5.47 lbs. The height of this two wheel drive, RS-540 motor powered car stood at 11”.

Bear Hawk

Bear Hawk is a tamiya vintage off- road car launched in 1991. The kit numbered 58093 is a two wheel drive, RS-540 motor powered car.

Hot Shot

Kit number 58047 released by Tamiya in the year 1985 was Hot Shot. This is a four wheel drive vehicle powered by a RS-540 motor. Hot Shot is 15.35” long and 9.25” wide. With a height of 6.02” Tamiya Hot Shot weighs around 3.74 lbs.


1984 released Hornet is 15.7” long 9.05” wide 5.09” high and weighs 3.15 lbs. This 2 wheel drive car is powered by a RS-540 motor. This was kit numbered 58045.


Kit numbered 58056 Falcon reached enthusiasts in the year 1985. Powered by RS-540 motor and a 2 wheel drive train this car was 16.46” long, 8.89” wide and 5.90” high. It weighed about 3.48 lbs.

Fast Attack

17.2” long, 8.85” wide and 5.9” high tamiya vintage fast attack was released as kit number 58046 in 1984. This car weighed a little less than 4 lbs and made use of RS-540 motor and a 2 wheel drive train.


1985 released model number 58051 is a 2 wheel drive car that uses RS-540 motor. The length of tamiya vintage Fox is 16.73”. Its 8.85” wide and 5.24” high. The weight of Fox is about 3.48 lbs.


Any Tamiya vintage cars list cannot be complete without Frog. The 1983 kit with an identification number of 58041 used a RS-541 motor with 2 wheel drive train. Frog weighed 3.74 lbs, was 15.74” long 9” wide and 5.9” high.

Sand Scorcher

1979 born sand scorcher is one of the oldest tamiya vintage cars mentioned in this list. It was 15.75” long 8.66” wide and 6.93” high. At 4.84 lbs sand scorcher was a little into the heavier side.

Super Champ

Super champ was released as kit number 58034 in 1982. As in the line of tamiya products during those days it was powered by a RS-540 motor. Super champ is similar to Sand Scorcher in dimensions but weighs a tad bit higher.

Subaru Brat

Subaru brat was released in 1983. Powred by a RS-380S motor this car made use of a 2 wheel drive train. This car is 16.25” long 9.06” wide and 6.50” high. It weighs 4.20 lbs.

Wild One

1985 released wild one is powered by a RS-540 motor and it weighs 3.88 lbs. 17.2” long 8.85” wide and 5.90” high wild one is a very sought aftered tamiya vintage car.

Wild Willy

Wild willy doing justice to its name is a versatile radio controlled vehicle that can exhibit stunts that most others cannot. It’s more of a jeep than a car. Model Wild Willy M38 was released in 1982. This is powered by RS-540 motor. 10.55” long 9.52” wide tamiya vintage Wild Willy stands 13.50” tall. It weighs 5.73 lbs.


Grasshopper was the first tamiya vintage rc kit to be marketed to rc enthusiasts just starting off. Released in 1984 this car is powered by a RS-380 motor. 15.31” long 8.77” wide and 5.11” high Grasshopper ran for a very long time that made it popular in the rc community.

Rough Rider

Rough Rider is a racing buggy that was released by tamiya in 1979. Kit number 58015 Rough Rider made use of RS-540 motor. 15.74” long and 8.27” wide Rough Rider is 5.9” high. At 4.63 lbs Rough Rider is certainly not the lightest car around

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