Tamiya Paints and Accessories

For A Splash of Colors and Ultimate DIY Fun

Tamiya paints and accessories come in handy if you want to get all the fun of painting your rc car. And that’s exactly what I love to do…paint my car myself.

What about You?

The categorization of paints can be made into the following types

  • Acrylic
  • Sets
  • Lacquer
  • Paint Brushes
  • Poly Carbonate
  • Others

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic resins are used to prepare certain paints. These acrylics are water soluble by nature. These paints are good to be used for both brush painting as well as spray painting. Acrylic paints are good to be used on most of the materials that car bodies are made of now days. You will be happy with these colors as they blush or fade easily.

Paints Sets

These sets of paints come in the form of tablets kept in a box along with other painting accessories usually a brush. This paint is best suited for plastic tamiya models. Application is easy. You have to paint the model using a brush. One drawback is that because of the solid state of the color you cannot use it for spray painting. This set comes with an application manual.

Lacquer Paints

These paints are made of synthetic lacquer. The main advantage is that they cure in a short span of time. These provide a very high degree of finish and are apt for painting of large surfaces. It won’t be economical to paint small surfaces using these as a lot of paint will be wasted while spraying. Enamel and acrylic paints do not affect lacquer paints.

Poly Carbonate Paints

Many of the rc cars manufactured by Tamiya nowadays have a transparent looking polycarbonate body. This spray works best for such polycarbonate bodies. The bodies are to be painted from inside. Usually two coats get it the lustre that you desire to have in your rc car. There is no probem using these paints in your rc cars as these are impervious to fuel.

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