Tamiya Masterwork

One Master Piece for Every RC Connoisseur

Tamiya Masterwork collection cars are crafted to perfection. They are much better than anything else available in the market. Masterwork models represent their real life counterparts to such minute details that no other model including die-cast ones do.

Tamiya has been known for creating rc scale modes that emulate the actual cars in great detail and masterwork series of rc cars are the most exquisitely crafted among all of Tamiya rc models.

You have lot of options to choose from the masterwork portfolio. Let’s have a look at them.

Peep In At the Tamiya Masterwork Catalog

Williams F1 BMW FW24

This model from the masterwork collection is modelled after J P Montoya’s F1 car in the Japan Grand Prix. The car has been crafted accurately to each minute detail. BMW R82 enigne of the original car has been reproduced by expert artisans to accommodate the finest details.

Xanavi Nismo GT-R

This model features one of Japan’s most popular touring car. In 2003 Nismo GT-R got a whole new look with a lower CG and better aerodynamic design. The design along with a 3000 cc V6 twin engine propelled Nismo from No 23 to win seven top five positions in the 2004 season. That made Nismo win the team title. This model is an exact replica of Nismo GT-R with reduced scale.

Calsonic Skyline GT-R

Can you recall GT-R-Calsonic? This is the name that established its supremacy in the touring cars circuit of Japan. 2003 was the last season for GT-R-Calsonic. Upset victory in the last season propelled the legacy to new heights. Masterwork model of this successful car brings the history to life again with an accurate design of the race car. This 1/24 scale car comes as a fully assembled set up.

Xanavi Nismo Z

Tamiya model Xanavi Nismo Z is an accurate description of 2004 JGTC Xanavi Nismo Z. This is a 1/24 scale model with overall length of 195 mm and width of 84 mm. Special features of GT racing 350Z like front nose, rear tail and wide fender have been carefully crafted to this realistic model.

Raybrig NSX 2005

This model is a replica of 2005 Raybrig NSX. Raybrig is one of the NSX models that entered the 2005 season of Super GT. This car was driven by J Dufour and S Philipe in 2005. Unfortunately results were not easy to come by initially. However after the NA engine with capacity of 3.5 litres substituted the twin turbo engine favourable results started to come by. The NA engine is carefully depicted in this model.

Some of the other popular models are

  • Motul Pitwork Z
  • Calsonic IMPUL Z
  • Epson NSX 2005
  • Arta NSX 2005
  • Takata Dome NSX 2005
  • Open Interface Tom’s SC430 2006
  • Mobil 1 SC 2006
  • Zent Cerumo SC 2006

Tamiya Masterwork models are considered to be the standard for rc model replicas by seasoned enthusiasts. Tamiya has kept up to the expectations for years together and have done justice to the trust of enthusiasts world over.

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