Tamiya Juggernaut 2

With All New Features to Keep the Juggernaut Rolling

Tamiya juggernaut 2 is fully loaded with powerful twin motors that provide raw power to all the four wheels of this monster. Its fun and serious power combined into a 1/10 scale model kit.

We will get into Juggernaut 2, but before that I feel it would be good to take you a few years back to the days of early juggernauts.

Evolution of Tamiya Juggernaut 2

One of the most awaited models from Tamiya in 1999 was the Juggernaut. It was widely publicised. It lined up enthusiasts with their wallet open to purchase their truck. But then Tamiya would have never thought the exposure this model got would be a major reason of its fall from grace. Tamiya had always been known for the quality of its products and services. But the complexion of the equation changed for the first time with Tamiya Juggernaut.

Because of the unprecedented publicity that this model got it was a run away success in terms of sales figures. However what followed was unexpected. A lot of attention was attracted by the not so durable drive train. All these unwanted publicity did more damage than Tamiya thought it would. To keep things under control they provided free repairing options to the customers but then eventually had to recall the model from market.

However they relaunched the juggernaut with a new christened name: Tamiya Juggernaut 2.

Tamiya Juggernaut 2 Barges Into The Shelves

It hit the market with lot being expected from it. Till date it seems to have done a good job. There were lot of changes made to Juggernaut 2. It’s stronger and sturdy than its predecessor. Changes have been made to the transmission heat sinks, drive gear, universals and axle parts among others.

Gears in any rc car heat up due to friction. For longer life it is very important to keep the temperature under controlled limits. Heat sinks are responsible for absorbing this generated and regulate the temperature of the gears. Juggernaut 2 has two heat sinks located near the gearbox. These two heat sinks are responsible for reducing the temperature of the gear in juggernaut 2.

A hex hub made of aluminium is a part of the lower gear. This hub attaches to a splined shaft and the entire set up is held together by e-clips. This arrangement is different from the one used in the first juggernaut. The universal joints in the drive shafts have greater tolerances and can be rebuilt.

Strength of the parts was a definite issue with the old juggernaut. But with the new juggernaut, this is not a problem. The parts are more muscular to satisfy stringent tests. For example the bevel gears used in Juggernaut 2 is double the size of those in old juggernaut. The new gears have a gear ratio of 1.2:1 as compared to 1:1 in the old ones.

Stronger drive train components in Juggernaut 2 make it a favourite among Tamiya lovers. It more than makes up for the not so good launch of the juggernaut family.

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