Tamiya f201

Is it so close To a Formula One Design?

Tamiya f201 is the race car chassis to look for as per me and many other enthusiasts’ belief. You will be shortly in agreement with us. Let me just take you to those golden tamiya days to give a better feeling.

Formula One is by far the most popular motor sport in the world and is one of the most popular sports overall. Be it designers or the drivers, every body lives by one rule and that is to excel else perish. The time allowed is about a fraction of a second. Thus you can understand the amount of time, money and energy that goes into designing a car.

A Peek at the History

No wonder f1 cars catch the fancy of the world and every racer at heart dreams of owning or driving one. Probably Tamiya got inspired from this need and started taking interest in formula one car models towards the later part of the 70s.

F201 is a product that came out of the manufacturing unit somewhere around 1992, the result of a F1-Tamiya affair of 20 odd years. In these 20 years a lot of initiatives were taken to model rc car kits after formula one cars and this shaped way for tamiya's f201.

The pan type chassis in Tamiya cars were inspired by formula one in the early days of f1’s impact on Tamiya. Over a period of time the design of the chassis started evolving. F-101, F-102 and F-103 chassis were the ones to follow along with development of technology.

Arrival of Tamiya-f201

Focus on designs that provided superior aerodynamic capabilities and some of the limitations of pan type chassis gave way to what we know as f201 in 1992. As said earlier this was an exact replica of the full scale model the only difference being that it was 1/10 scale of the real car. The similarity can be well gauged from the working of its double wishbone 4 wheel independent suspension system.

The motor in a f201 is mounted on the midship. This strategic location combined with 4WD provides impeccable stability to the vehicle.

Building Tamiya-f201

If you are not the extreme diy kind of person then there are chances you will find it difficult assembling a tamiya-f201 kit. It may not be that difficult technically but then it surely will take a lot of time to get all those small details into place. Don’t forget f1 systems are complicated and tamiya f201 represents it in great details.

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