RC Race Car

Tips on Choosing and Running Your First One

So you want a rc race car!

You have seen your neighbour being lauded as a champion in the local rc racing circuit. You know you can do better than him and now are all set to buy your first race car.

But then you are not really sure how to buy it. After all you just don’t want to shell out your money for something that is not meant for you at all.

Am I correct?

Here you will find tips on choosing your first rc race car. Follow these and you will find yourself breezing through the decision making process of buying the car.

What Kind of Car?

This is the first question you must ask yourself. RC Race Cars are of various types and knowing the purpose of buying the car makes it easy to decide on one of the options available.

Do you want a car for fun casual driving or do you intend to go for high end racing stuff? Do you want to have the fun and trouble of building the car from a kit or you want to hit the road with a RTR model? Answers to these kinds of questions will go a long way in helping you choose the perfect car.

Some people prefer getting started with a low end rc race car and then slowly making a move to higher end cars as and when they sharpen their skills. I personally come from this school of thought.

But then I have seen a couple of my friends who buy the high end rc race car and then grow into it. I must admit they have learnt the skills quite fast may be because of the constant motivation to get up to the level of their vehicles.

What Radio Do I Go For?

Radio is an integral part of any rc vehicle. Choosing the right radio makes life easier going forward. However it can be a daunting task for a beginner to choose the appropriate radio.

A radio can be cheap or expensive depending upon what you choose. Most of the package deals come with low end radios. Though this may not be loaded with the best of features they are good enough for beginners to get their feet wet in the hobby. It’s advisable to spend a proportionate amount of the cars cost on the radio. So if you have the latest mean machine then make sure you have a high end radio to go with it. This advisable and is not a hard and fast rule.

How Do I Choose the Motor?

Choosing the right motor is another vital aspect of getting your rc car up and running.

The best place for motor recommendation that comes to my mind is the kit manufacturer’s manual. Now days most of the kits come ready with motor. If you are of more adventurous type and want to have some fun freaking around for parts then do go through the manufacturer’s manual. If not the exact motor recommendation, you will get the specs to make your life easier.

If your intention is to get into a specific sponsored event then check with the organizers for the kind of motor you can use in your car. Usually such events have restrictions on the kind of motors that can be used.

What tools Will I need?

Any hardcore rc enthusiast takes as much pride in his building and maintaining skills as he takes in his rc cars running skills. Now to be good at maintenance you need to carry a basic tool kit. Some of the essential tools required are mentioned below

  • Screwdrivers and Wrenches
  • Scissors and Knife
  • Reamer
  • Pliers
  • lubricant and body paint
  • Sand paper and glue

So, that’s about it. Keep the above tips in mind before deciding on your rc race car. You will be glad how easy and enjoyable the process really is.

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