RC Cars Drifting

Tips and Tricks for Cool Manoeuvres

RC cars drifting have become a fashion among rc enthusiasts of late.

The drifting culture started off in Japan and as of today has been widely adored by rc fans world wide. The fun of watching them drift is something hard core enthusiasts would die for.

Here’s a list of drifting tips and checklist that you may use for basic guidance

Tips for Radio Controlled Cars Drifting

This is not an exhaustive list and you may be doing very well in rc cars drifting without following one or more instructions listed here depending on your skill set. This set is written keeping the beginner in mind. So here we go with our basic rc car drifting tips.

  • 4 Wheel Drive
    Among all the drive mechanisms, in my opinion four wheel drive or all wheel drive is best suited for drifting. So select a car that has four wheel drive.
  • Weight of Car
    A light weight car is needed for drifting manoeuvres. The chassis should have high stiffness for better results.
  • Electric To Start
    I would advice picking up an electric car for getting started with drifting. If you are new to drifting then an electric car would get you off the ground quickly.
  • Smooth Tires
    Smooth tires facilitate drifting a lot. So it’s advisable to go for smooth tires if the purpose is drifting.
  • Transmission Safety
    Condition of the transmission system is critical to the performance of any rc car. Thus when you get ready for rc drifting make sure that the transmission system is properly sealed. While drifting the track would give off a lot of dust which can accumulate in the transmission system is provision is not made to prevent them from settling.
  • Choosing Track
    If showcasing your drifting skills is your priority then you must choose your track wisely. Sticky tracks are not very well suited for drifting. Low friction tracks are good for drifting. So stick to a low friction one.

RC Cars Drifting Techniques

There are several techniques of controlling the drifting of cars. Some of the techniques used by experts during rc drifting races are as follows

  • Heel toe shifting
  • Power over drift
  • E-Brake drift
  • Clutch kick drift
  • Shift lock drift
  • Dirt drop drift
  • Feint drift
  • Jump drift
  • Braking drift
  • Inertia drift
  • Long side drift
  • Swaying drift

We will get into each of these techniques in detail in separate articles.

Where to Buy RC Cars for Drifting?

RC drifting depends on the driver to a great extent but then having a good car for drifting helps. Here are some of our partners where you can buy RC drifting cars. Check them out

  • Traxxas
  • HPI
  • Amazon

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