Old RC Cars

My Experience with Old Radio Controlled Cars

My Old RC Cars remind me of my childhood days when I started off with this hobby. When I look at them, I kind off get swept in the memory lane of the astonishing journey I have had with them.

When I started off with rc hobby, little did I know that this will become my obsession. But now that it has I feel grateful for the day I started with it and thank my old cars for igniting the spark of love for this hobby in me.

I would like to take you back to my early days as an rc enthusiast. I am sure you will be able to relate to it. For me interaction with radio control cars started when a close friend’s uncle brought him an rc car as a birthday gift.

We had a lot of fun with the car and had our neighbours complain against us on more occasions than one. But there was hardly anything that we could do. By this time we were hooked to the toy. From there on it grew with every passing day.

As of today I have come across various rc toys but then the old rc cars I had during my early days are my prized possessions.

History of RC Cars

Now that we are discussing early rc cars it is a good platform to give you an idea of the evolution of rc cars.

Old RC Cars date back to the mid-60s. 1/8 scale pan cars were the first forefathers of modern day rc cars. These cars used 2 stroke model aircraft engines to start with. The first gas powered rc cars came into picture in the 70s which were propelled by two stroke methanol powered internal combustion engines.

By 1974 electric rc cars were already in the foray thanks to companies like Leisure and WorkRite.

In 1976 a company, that in future was to become the pioneer of rc cars and kits, launched its first model. The company was Tamiya and its first model launched was a 1/12 scale on road car. By this time the concept of off-road cars had not hit the market.

Tamiya Rough rider brought in another first to the world of rc hobby. This was the first car to run on off-road tracks in trying conditions. It was in 1979. From then on rc technology has improved leaps and bounds.

It’s easy to get lost in the awe of present day’s tech savvy rc cars but then if you sit back and think about the days past I am sure for a moment you would like to cling on to your old rc cars and relive those days.

What Do You Do With Your Old RC Cars?

If it’s me then preserve them.

But then that’s me.

People find it difficult to decide what to do with the old cars that have been sitting in the store room for aeons.

There are so many reasons why one might think of getting rid of them. You may think of disposing off your old cars because you are shifting or to clean up the store room to make some space for new stuff. Or it may simply be the fact that you want to make the best use of them.

Now that you have decided to dispose them off it’s good to do so in a fashion where you derive the maximum benefit out of it. Here are some tips for you to decide the fate of your old rc cars

  • Sell it off to a collector. There are people who are crazy about old stuff. Finding somebody who is interested in your old rc cars lot should not be a difficult affair if you know where to look for. It’s a great idea to go to your local rc clubs and interact with the members to understand if someone might be interested in your stuff. Some times these people will give you good change for your trash. Remember your trash is gold for somebody.
  • Finding sellers online is much easier. You may sell your items through online auction sites. Usually this kind of sales fetch you a better value. EBay.com is a great place to sell your old items. You may also consider Amazon.com for this purpose. If you wish to find local buyers then craigslist.com is a good place to place your classified ad.
  • Consider gifting your stock to somebody who is just starting off. Or may be you might gift it to somebody who would make good use of your collection. This is a novel method of disposing your old stock off.
  • Donate it to a museum that stores and displays radio controlled stuff. Get in touch with your local rc clubs for more information.

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