Magnum RC Engines

Anybody experienced with Magnum RC Engines will rarely look beyond it for his hobby needs.

Why is it so that Magnum enjoys a near monopoly when it comes to rc engines?

There has to be more than one reason for such innate loyalty from the users. To be truthful to you there are many a reasons why Magnum is considered the flag bearer when it comes radio controlled engines technology.

Exploring the Legacy of Magnum RC Engines

Unparalleled Value and Performance

Magnum engines offer the best value for every penny you spend on them. The reliability that has been built across the world is mainly because of their consistent endeavour to provide quality to their customers. Magnum engines are known for their performance. Working on the cutting edge of engine technology, Magnum engineers strive hard to stretch the envelop of engine limitations. Each new version of the product is an improvement on its predecessor.

Rock Bottom Prices

Magnum engines are a budget buyer’s fantasy. Radio Control hobby as such is unforgiving and expensive. So if you find any pocket that clings onto quality at an affordable pricing then it’s but obvious that you stick to the product for life. That is exactly the case with Magnum rc engines. They come with twin ball bearings at the price of plain bearing.

Technologically Advanced

You can trust Magnum to get you the best of technology available in the market. True chrome construction, carburettors with two needle valves are among some of the features that keep users glued to Magnum products.

Mugen RC Engines Product Line

Magnum offers both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. So be rest assured that there is a Magnum for your need. Following is a list of latest Magnum engines.

2-Stroke Engines

  • XL 15A
  • XL 25A
  • XL 28A
  • XL 32A
  • XL 36A
  • XL 40A
  • XL 40AII
  • XL 46A
  • XL 53A
  • XL 53AII
  • XL 61A
  • XL 61AR
  • XL 75A
  • XL 91A
  • XL 108A
  • XL 120AR
  • XL 180AR

4 Stroke Engines

  • XL 30 RFS
  • XL 52 RFS
  • XL 61 RFS
  • XL 80 RFS
  • XL 91 RFS
  • XL 120 RFS
  • XL 160 RFS

Apart from engines Magnum also offers high quality accessories like tachometer, glow starter, electric starter, glow plug wrench etc.

Magnum is capable of providing quality rc engines at very low price. Try them out to check their products and I am sure that will put your apprehension aside for ever.

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