Gas Powered RC Cars

Tips on care, maintenance and usage

Gas powered rc cars are fun to run. They represent an actual vehicle more closely as compared to the electric rc cars.

The gas rc cars are powered by an engine that runs on a certain kind of fuel. The engine is the major difference between a gas car and an electric one. Because of this the gas powered radio controlled cars are usually bulkier than their electric counterparts.

The heart of a gas powered rc car is its engine. The longevity of the car depends on its engine life. Therefore you must take care of the engine to keep it in tip top condition.

When you run the gas powered rc car there is a little amount of fuel left inside the engine after the run. Chances are that the left over fuel may attract moisture which in turn is dangerous for the engine. Moisture could cause bearing damage. To prevent this simply use of all fuel. Once the run is over start the rc car engine again and let it use up the remaining traces of fuel.

It’s vital to do some maintenance work on your gas radio controlled cars after each run.

Gas Powered RC Vehicle Engine Maintenance Tips

While dealing with gas rc cars engines care should be taken to prevent dust entering the engine. An air filter is very helpful in preventing dust and dirt passing through to the engine. This stops the parts from being worn out early in their life cycle.

Another way in which dust passes into the engine is through the fuel pipe. The dirt particles accumulate in the fuel pipe and affect the flow of fuel. The ratio of fuel to air reduces thus making the mixture lean which may be harmful for the engine, not to mention the performance degradation of your gas powered radio controlled cars. Fuel filters help in resolving this problem to a great extent. I cannot stress enough the advantages of using a fuel filter.

Using the right mixture of fuel is also very important for the life of your gas rc cars. Usually the gas cars use nitro methane combined with castor oil lubricant. Ensure you use them in right proportions.

Gas Powered RC Cars Engine Tuning Tips

Engines of gas powered cars can be tuned for optimum performance. By minor adjustments you can alter the ratio of air to fuel going into the engine.

A high air to fuel ratio mixture is called “lean mixture” where as a low air to fuel ratio mixture is called “rich”. Neither lean nor rich mixture is good for the engine and affects performance.

When the mixture is lean a lot of power is produced in the engine. That in turn creates a lot of heat. This heat is supposed to pass on to the fuel. But since the mixture contains less fuel there is absolutely no outlet for the heat generated. This causes serious damage to the engine. So tuning the gas rc cars is very important for longer life and better performance.

Before you run the car carry out some basic steps like checking the tires for smooth functioning, tuning the car and checking for dirt clog. These simple steps will help you get better performance over the life of the rc gas car.

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