Fast Electric RC Cars

Things You Must Know As A Speed Enthusiast

What’s the stuff with fast electric rc cars? Are electrics the fastest among all rc cars?

If you are an electric car lover then you will have a mixed feeling with the answers to the questions above. On an average nitro rc cars lead electric rc cars when it comes to speed. But then the highest record for speed by any rc car is held by an electric car. I will give you more details about this record in a short while from now.

Understanding Speed Labels of Manufacturers of Fast Electric RC Cars

For the beginner it is very difficult to understand the finer nuances of the speed propositions that the manufacturer makes. Believe me it could be very deceiving when it comes to choosing electric rc cars that match up to your speed expectations.

There are two different ways in which the speed of a car is denoted. They are scale speed and actual speed. The trick lies in understanding these words so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Actual Speed:

Actual speed is the speed with which a fast rc electric cars travel. When you get the kit or preassembled car this is the rough speed with which you should be able to run the car.

Scale Speed:

To understand the idea behind the scale speed better let me tell you how fast electric cars are modelled. Usually rc cars are a scaled down replica of the original brand of car that they are modelled after. You might have seen scales of 1:10 and 1:8 rc cars. That simply means that the rc car is a scaled down model of the real car, former being 1/10th and 1/8th of the later respectively.

Thus scale speed measures the speed of the fast electric rc cars in comparison to the speed of the original car.

Two cars of varying scales may have same scale speed but then highly varying actual speed. Usually manufacturers use scale speed as a promotion gimmick to increase the perceived value of the product.

What’s The Speed Record with Fast Electric Radio Controlled Cars?

When we talk of racing one thing that comes into mind is…

Hey what’s the speed record?

In rc racing it’s a tough competition to win the crown of the coveted fastest car. The world’s fastest speed records goes to Nic Case who clocked 134.4 mph with a TC3 model from Team Associated. The fast electric radio controlled cars are fast in real sense. The car used for this record was a highly modified electric car.

The second and third positions till date are pegged at 111 mph and 105 mph respectively.

Top Picks on Fastest Electric RC Cars

These are my top 5 picks of the fastest electric rc cars

  • Ferrari F-450 RTR RC car
  • Silverlit Electric 1:16 official licensed Nissan Calsonic 350Z RC Car
  • Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Electric RC Car
  • Electric Formula One Indi Car
  • Electric Storm RTR Lighted RC Truck

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